be kind…
to the whales, to the moors, to the beaches, to the plovers.
to the swamps and the bogs.
to the sea and the fish.
to the skies and the hawks.
to the island.

be island kind…



the goods

A couple of the basics to help turn your every day, into a plastic-free day.

Produce Bags
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Produce Bags
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Essential Straw Set
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Nantucket Tote Bags
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Nantucket Tote Bags
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3 important things to know about our online shop



pick-up only

At check out you will be able to select your ON-ISLAND pick-up location. That’s Nantucket Island in case you were wondering….

How does this work?
We will send you a text message when your goods are ready for pick-up at your selected location.

We really couldn’t bear to get into the packaging and shipping world just yet.


being island-kind

There are so many ways to be island kind and there are so many things we care about and want to be able to support in making the island a kinder place for everyone.
Reducing plastic is important to US but what about the island issues that are important to you?
At checkout, you will have an option to decide what local issue you want a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to go to.


do you need us?

Reducing plastics can seem so simple some days and overwhelmingly impossibe on others. There are SO MANY solutions and ways to go plastic-free. While many of you may find other solutions to reducing plastic that don’t involve purchasing more things, we felt that a one stop-shop available to Nantucketers in case you do need a little help, would be key. So, here we are, if you need us.